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Up to 24x24 video channels, Double Recording, 4 channels for Streaming and Conference

Truelink 4 can manage up to 24 input and 24 output video signals, can record two channels simultaneously and may share up to four signals over the network at the same time in Streaming and Video Conference. A special medical grade video infrastructure transmits to the monitors with zero latency, to ensure perfect movement coordination in endoscopic procedures. 

Truelink 4 offers compatibility with all video standards inside an operating room, from old analog signals to new UHD and 4K: maximum flexibility for upcoming demands.

Conference and Streaming functionalities connect the operating room with the outside world for different purposes: telemedicine, consulting, teaching and multiconferencing. Truelink 4 has unmatched processing power that allows you to think of tomorrow, sure of being compatible with the standards of the future.