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Truelink 4 - OR Integration

Truelink 4 - OR Integration

Videomed introduces a new standard in OR integration systems, Truelink 4. It is a revolution in terms of technical capabilities making it the most compact and powerful OR integration system ever made.

Truelink 4 combines advanced solutions in OR videomanagement with innovative features to improve surgical team ergonomics and patient's safety.
The 133mm record size makes this system the only one truly compatible with installation both inside and outside the operating room. The unit can be placed easily on the pendant shelf without the need for external cabling and complex spaces.

Truelink 4 is a technological achievement never reached before.

Videomed is dedicated solely to the field of surgical video technologies so our solutions are designed specifically for your environment.
We are totally focused on the study and development of modern solutions: a pioneering partner at your side.


Truelink 4 | Powerful


Up to 24x24 video channels, Double Recording, 4 channels for Streaming and Conference

Truelink 4 | Compact


3 to 5 Rack Unit size, suitable for installation inside OR

Truelink 4 | High Performance

High Performance

3D and 4K/UHD ready, M.A.T.S. and Time Shift Recording innovations

Truelink 4 | Intuitive


New user interface, color code, Touch and Touchless gesture control

Truelink 4 | Video Routing

Video Routing

State of the art medical video distribution: everything starts here

Truelink 4 | Recording


Smart documentation system

Truelink 4 | Video Conference

Video Conference

Connected with the entire world

Truelink 4 - OR Integration

Truelink 4 - Videomed