Videomed Videomed is now part of the Hillrom family!


Leading innovation
in OR integration

Videomed products incorporate the latest technology to offer the best performances in OR integration.
Our vision is focused on new ways to improve the daily activity of surgical teams.
We work by your side to anticipate tomorrow's demands creating today the most advanced video technology solutions. Videomed provides innovative video integration solutions for operating rooms and medical facilities.
Our team takes care of the product from every perspective: from R&D that designs both hardware and software,

to technical consultants for exploring all the configuration possibilities, up to the installation teams following each realization in detail. A working group constantly focuses on new technologies with a particular attention to ergonomics, usability and design.
Videomed has an Italian heart and an international vocation.
Professional partners all over the world work every day to bring these technologies to your service.
Innovation, continuous research, design, attention to detail: Videomed brings the high quality of Made in Italy to the world of the operating room.

Power doesn’t need space

Our history

2010-2011 - A new jewel is born

Videomed is founded in June 2010, as a branch office of Trumpf Med Italia dedicated for R&D of integrated video solutions for the operating room. An experienced team in the world of video technologies, joins the high quality of Trumpf products to offer cutting-edge solutions. The development focuses on making the use of OR integrated systems easy and intuitive. The first generation of Videomed OR integration is born: Truelink. Thanks to innovative solutions on user interface and Communication features it immediately asserts itself on the Italian national market with huge installations in Bergamo (35 ORs), Bologna (20 ORs), Ferrara (18 ORs). In only 30 months of activity, Videomed and Trumpf Med Italia become market leader for OR integration in Italy.

2012 - The international market

Thanks to the important results obtained on the Italian market, Videomed Srl tightens an important international partnership agreement with the Trumpf Beteiligung group. Truvidia Manager is born, a new integrated video system by Trumpf Medizin Systeme GmbH, with innovative solutions on the command and communication interface in videoconference. After the preview presentation at Medica 2011 and thanks to the sales network of Trumpf Medizin Systeme, Videomed products reach the international market on 5 continents. Research and development activities continue focusing on improvements of systems controls, with attention to ease of use and workflow ergonomics.

2014-15 - Continuous growth

Videomed continues its growth and reaches important commercial objectives on the international market: the first TruVidia Manager integrated ORs are opened outside Europe, starting from Japan, Brunei, Philippines, Thailand, India, Middle East, up to South America in Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Chile and Costa Rica. Videomed solutions are preferred over solutions already on the market due to their ease of use and thanks to integrated communication systems for cutting-edge telemedicine technology.

2016-17 - A new era of integrated rooms: Truelink 4

2016 marks an epochal turning point in the world of integrated rooms. Truelink 4 is born: the most powerful and compact system ever made. A concentration of innovations and technical solutions never seen before. New storage functions, full compatibility with the new 4K signals, completely redesigned graphic interface and studied according to the most modern design concepts make Truelink 4 the new reference point in the world of OR integration. Starting from February 2016 Videomed also becomes a direct commercial brand, to offer ever greater support and expertise to its customers and business partners.